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Mrs. Hunter is Dead:
A Bay Harbor Mystery

Directed by Teresa Moore
Lead Role - Mrs. Conley

In small town Bay Harbor, two middle-aged amateur sleuths, Christine Hunter & Kathleen Conley team up to solve the town's biggest mystery: who is stealing the baby Jesus figurines from the nativity sets around town? When Mrs. Hunter herself disappears, Kathleen Conley has no choice but to get the Bay Harbor Police involved. After all, it appears that Mrs. Hunter is Dead...

The Funeral

Directed by Michael Filek
Supporting Role - Maureen

A distant group of siblings reunites for their father’s funeral. The oldest son, Bob, must deliver a eulogy for a man of questionable decisions and morals that is able to address all of his family’s concerns. In an effort to make everyone happy, temperaments flare, drinks flow, verbal attacks are delivered, and a resolution must be made before this family is torn apart for good.


Directed by Adam Rebora & Miles Strong-Austin
Supporting Role - Max’s Mom

Death comes knocking.  When Max's parents are out of town, he and his friends planned to have the party of their lives.  They did not plan for the party of their deaths.  They will face sheer horror when the doors in the house all come to life.  Knock knock.

Doors Trailer - coming soon
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